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The Johnson Groups

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The Johnson Groups and their associated companies are owned & managed by Bill and Tracey Johnson and their sons, Robert, & David. Their entrepreneurial adventure began when young Bill, a Granby, MA native, was an ambitious 21-year-old with nothing but a love of cars, mechanical know-how and an overwhelming drive to start his own business. 

He opened Bill's Auto Body on Route 202 in Granby in 1978 as a part time effort. As years passed & his reputation for quality work grew, he was able to open a larger auto body shop on School Street in Granby as a full-time venture in July 1981. This business evolved from a 1-employee business to Pleasant Street Auto Body & Repair, a full-service automotive collision & mechanical repair center with a headquarters in South Hadley and a heavy-duty repair branch in Belchertown. 

in 1994, Bill purchased Hampshire Towing from long-time friend and former employer, Robert Ahern to further expand the corporation and the towing division of the company. Towing operations expanded further with the purchase of 3 separate car carriers throughout 1995-2000, and in 2004 the company added a heavy duty wrecker for large recoveries. Hampshire Towing grew from a 6-vehicle operation in 2004 to our present day fleet of 30+ trucks to haul, tow, and recover vehicles and equipment, and 40+ employees. 

Bill's vast knowlege & expertise, along with a growing need to expand & service, lead him to ventures in other associated industries, a diversifying process he wholeheartedly champions and promotes to other business owners. 

If you have any questions about the Johnson Groups and our companies, please contact us below. 

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